More beds to come for homeless in Bayview District

The opening of the 2115 Jennings Street homeless shelter raised concerns at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors meeting today.

Sponsored by San Francisco’s Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the Forgivable Loan Agreement was adopted at today’s meeting.

The Forgivable Loan Agreement is a resolution authorizing the Human Services Agency to enter into a $978,000 forgivable loan agreement from the California Department of Housing and Community Development to renovate the leased premises at 2115 Jennings Street for use as a 100 bed homeless shelter.

District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen proposed some amendments for the agreement.

The first amendment was to clarify that the city has a subsequent zoning area.

Amendment two is acknowledging that the shelter is located within half a mile of a public playground and pool where children congregate, which prohibits registered sex offenders from staying in the shelter.

The last amendment urges the Human Service Agency to establish a community advisory committee for the homeless shelter, which would help evaluate security measures that can be implemented at the site and to provide the board with an update on these shelter operations within one year of the shelter’s opening. 

“While I’ve had and continued to have tremendous amount of respect for Mother Brown’s Kitchen and the work that they do, this issue is completely separate,” said Cohen. “I don’t share all the concerns that we’ve heard articulated by the members of the community, but I still have other concerns that have not been resolved.”

Debate within the supervisors and the Human Services Agency occurred over concern of the California State Law that says sex offenders cannot reside within half a mile of a school, day care center, or where children congregate.

The Human Services Agency does not currently have a practice of prescreening the people that come to their shelters to sleep, making it possible for a sex offender to violate the State Law without anyone knowing.

The Board concluded to change the articulation of the amendments taking away the responsibility of the Human Services Agency who don’t already have a policy of prescreening clients.

There is a need for shelter beds for the homeless population in the Bayview District.

The Homeless Resource Center known as Mother Brown’s Kitchen currently accommodates 80 homeless clients that sleep in chairs overnight and the Human Services Agency hopes to create a 100-bed homeless shelter to replace the overnight chair accommodations.

The vote was distributed in three separate votes: the first for clauses 5 through 7, the second for clauses 8 through 11, and the third for clauses 14-22 of the amendments.

All three separate votes passed and the Board ultimately adopted the resolution.

Cheering roared through the room by all who proposed the resolution.

During the meeting, the Board also passed the ordinance amending the Health Code for licensing and regulations of massage establishments and practitioners, a resolution supporting the Health Service System to establish full quality and cost transparency in the public interest, an ordinance amending the Business and Tax Regulations Code, and the Multifamily Housing Revenue Note for the Tenderloin Family Housing, which were all supported by District 3 Supervisor and Board of Supervisors President David Chiu.



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